Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Very Random Game of Tag

My lovely bookish friend Jenelle Schmidt invited me to participate in a fun game of tag. Who knew blogging could be so much fun? The rules? "Tell us 7 random things about yourself. Nominate 15 bloggers to participate." And in Jenelle's immortal words (because I simply cannot word it any better), "Yeah…that’s not going to happen." I simply invite any bloggers who like to particpate to join in the fun and share seven random things about yourself.

Here goes!

1. My favorite color is Underseas. You can find it at Sherwin-Williams. It's sort of a dusky blue-green color and I have it in varying shades in every single room of my house...and in my wardrobe. Even the fresh eggs I get from my best friend are blue-green. I confess it took me a while to be able to eat them. They were so cute I felt as if I was eating a baby bird.

2. To celebrate the publication of "Wither" in Five Enchanted Roses, my husband bought me a gargoyle. (Pictured above)

3. I collect antique books. Enough said.

4. When I watched the Doctor Who episode "The End of Time" -- the one where Tennant passed the torch off to Matt Smith -- I bawled like a baby. And Tennant isn't even my Doctor. But he really does have great hair.

5. I like cats, and owls, and dolphins, and sea horses, and butterflies, and dragonflies...pretty much, if it flies, walks or swims I like it, unless it's buggy. I don't like bugs. I think the government used my back yard for a nuclear experiment because I have the biggest bugs ever. The spiders and grasshoppers could give Godzilla a run for his money.

6. I hate cooking. I will scrub the toilet and enjoy it before I really enjoy cooking. The only time I actually like it is when my husband is home helping. It's a lot more fun when you have someone to wash the dishes and chop the veggies.

7. What else...Oh, I know! I recently rescued my stray kitty Howl from the fiendish clutches of Pigface, another stray kitty with a scar on his face and a mean streak as long as the Nile. Okay, Pigface can be a nice cat, too, when it is supper time. He squeaks and purrs and lets me pet him and scares all the other cats away the moment I close the door. Anyway, Howl now spends his days indoors tormenting my indoor kitties. I call him my chunky monkey, because in spite of his tragic and haunted childhood...he is most decidedly--ahem--CHUNKY. On a very tragic--I mean, happy--note, Howl has found a Forever Home and will be going to his new happy place on Christmas Eve. I'm going to miss him something awful, but it will be nice to get some peace and quiet around here. I'm tired of breaking up fights and trying to figure out who the initiating culprit was. By the way, Howl is the chunky gray one. And Tutu wishes me to make it known that he is NOT snuggling with Howl, he is TOLERATING him. There is a big difference, you know.