Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Five Enchanted Roses Launch Week

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who made it out to the Facebook Launch Party on Monday. We had such a good time, and an incredible turnout. I was not sure what to expect with an event such as this, but everyone kept me hopping with incredible questions, flattering comments and friendly how-do-you-do's. I sincerely hope you enjoyed the event as much as I did.

Too bad the festivities had to end...oh wait! They didn't! There are still some fun things going on. Anne Elisabeth will be hosting each of the authors on her blog this week and you will NOT want to miss it. Kaycee, Jenelle and I have already been interviewed, with Dorian and Hayden following the next two days. We are answering some thought-provoking questions about Five Enchanted Roses and the beloved fairy tale it is based on.

Also, Jenelle helped us put together this lovely Which Five Enchanted Roses Beauty Are You Quiz, which you simply must check out. It's very enjoyable. Be sure to let us know which character you most resemble!

At this point, I am going to open up the floor for any more straggling questions that may be out there, or for any I may have missed at Monday night's Facebook Party. I will be checking my blog frequently for a few days, so if you think of anything later on you would like to know about Wither, the collection or the experience of being chosen for a special project like this, feel free to ask in the comments. I will be sure to answer as soon as I can! I would also love to hear if anybody is planning on entering the Five Magic Spindles contest this year!

And, lastly, as promised: The dream cast for Wither. 

If you made it to the Facebook Party, you will already be familiar with the first two, but I will share them again for any newcomers.

If Wither were a movie...

Corwin - Luke Evans

For a tragic hero, I think Luke Evans would be perfect. I honestly cannot think of another actor I would prefer. I truly think he was miscast in the upcoming Beauty and the Beast film...I just can't see him as Gaston.

Bet Haverly - Samantha Barks

Samantha did such a wonderful job in Les Miserables playing the awkward tomboy, I think she would do Lilybet justice. It's a tricky thing, finding the right balance between tough and sensitive.

Merchant Haverly - Michael Gambon

Mr. Gambon is a little too old to play Papa, but a younger version of him would do so nicely. I especially love his role in Wives and Daughters. He makes me laugh and cry every time.

Rosamond Haverly - Emily Browning

I love her expression in this picture, full of hopes and dreams. I know Rosamond had a very small role in Wither, but I am hoping to revisit her character in the future.

Sookie Haverly - Elle Fanning

I have seen Miss Fanning in several young roles and think she would make a sweet Sookie. Sookie is naive, innocent and gentle--almost too gentle, for her own good.

The Spook - Liam Hemsworth

And, last but not least, Victor! I couldn't leave out the mysterious and capable Spook from Pandorum. Yes, dear readers, you will be seeing more of this particular Spook.

You will want to keep an eye on the other authors from Five Enchanted Roses. It sounds like many of them have some fun things planned on their blogs this week as well! Don't forget to leave me questions in the comments, if there is anything you would like to know. Who knows, if it is a complicated enough question, I may dedicate an entire blog post to the answering!

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Cover Reveal

By Savannah Jezowski
Coming October 2015

Thought I would finally get around to sharing the cover of a little side project I am working on! Once again, my cover designer, Mr. Don Semora, has exceeded my expectations with this beautiful cover. There are so many things I love about it, such as the rustic browns in the color scheme, but I think my favorite aspect is the Yggdrasil at the center, surrounded by runes. So perfect for this Norse fairy tale!

When Ravens Fall is my imaginings of a Norse fairy tale, using characters from the old Norse legends and using their stories to retell a fairy tale. It is an easy read, with a small cast of characters revolving around one central theme: a man facing a destiny he cannot escape. Each of the characters in this story respond to his tragedy in different ways--some will move heaven and earth to change his fate. Others will sacrifice themselves. Some will run away. Others will watch from a distance. They will, almost all, be changed.

This story is near and dear to my heart, and in the upcoming months I will be sharing more of my reasons for choosing to write this unusual tale as well as delving into the legends that inspired the characters. All but one character came straight out of Norse mythology. Also, the initial launch of this story will be a bit unique, so you will want to stay tuned for more details.


My son is raven cursed, 
Slave of bone and fire.
Ice there is,
And empty halls
And a great tree burning.
Swords be broken
Shields be cleft.
Will no one love my son?

 The raven falls.
Fire freezes and winter burns, 
Ashes gather over the Niflheim.
All is lost or not lost
When roses bloom no more.
Ever by blood 
Fate is slated.
Will no one love my son?


It is the age of dreams.

When Kenna, the raven, foresees a girl in the Mist, she believes she has finally found the one to break the curse. That has always been her mission, since the day her misguided anger cast the curse than engulfed both her and Odin's son, Baldur, complicating what was already an impossible nightmare. But the girl she sees in the Mist is different than the others who have come for the Trials, than the others who have failed and returned home terrorized by their experience. This girl actually wants to be here.

Astrid, the dragon slayer's daughter, has a plan of her own. She is not interested in dreams and curses. There is only one thing that she desires, and falling in love is not it. After all, some girls were never meant to fall in love.

Baldur, the bear, inherited the gift of dreams from his mother. His dreams are consumed with the one event in his future he cannot seem to escape: his death. For years, he and the Raven have tried to find a woman capable of loving him in spite of his monstrosity, and for years they have failed. The roses are dying and the sky burns red like fire. The times tell the tale of the end.

And the end is always the Dragon.
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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Ring Around the Rose Week the Last!!

I'm feeling a bit sad that we have finally reached the last week of our fun series for Ring Around the Rose. But then, I am a little excited, too, because it means it is time to move on to some other exciting thing. Endings are only beginnings in another form, are they not?

This week's question is probably the most serious one we decided to tackle.

What are your thoughts on the themes in Beauty and the Beast? AND What is your favorite version of Beauty and the Beast?

There are so many elements about the story of Beauty and her Beast that grab me. The first exposure I had to the fairy tale was, naturally, the Disney version. It was my favorite movie for the longest time because I empathized with the heroine. Belle was different, and people often made fun of her, but she didn't try to change to be more like them. She was not deceived by "outward appearances," not ultimately. She learned how to see past people's outward ugliness to the prettiness within. And she loved books. She would rather spend her afternoon with her book than with a bunch of people. Is that really such an unusual thing? I didn't think so.

I think the only part of the film I did not like was when the Beast changed back into the Prince. I hated the fact his voice changed. It was bad enough they changed his face, but did they have to mess with his voice too? I really, really missed the old Beast...He was the one I fell in love with, with his ugly face and grouchy personality. I didn't feel like I at all connected with the handsome prince. Give me back my Beast, please.

As much as I loved the movie, ultimately, however, the Broadway production became my favorite version of Beauty and the Beast. I feel like the Disney cartoon left out the most important songs. Watching this tale unfold live on stage had a magic of its own you can't get from your living room.

I think the most important theme in Beauty in the Beast is the message that you don't need to be outwardly beautiful to be beautiful. True beauty is from within, not without. In our world, where Hollywood celebrities and football stars are more famous than our military heroes dying overseas, this is a message we desperately need to be reminded of. We place so much emphasis on the outward appearance, but what's on the outside doesn't really matter. It's what you do with yourself. It's the thoughts you think. The people you help. The hearts you touch. The change you make. It has nothing to do with what you look like, but rather what you do with you already are.

I also appreciate that the concept of sacrifice is so crucial to the story. Belle sacrifices herself for her father, the beast sacrifices himself for Belle, so that she can be free. True love is sacrifice. It's putting what another needs over what we need. Note, I didn't say what we WANT but what we NEED. True sacrifice means you have to give up something so that someone can have something they need. Doesn't Jesus teach us that by the very nature of who He is and what He did for us?

I also like the fact that this is not a "Love at first sight" story. I do like Cinderella, but the whole concept of falling in love with someone the moment you meet them seems so shallow to me. It's like you fall in love with their pretty face or charming personality or big castle...but what about the real person within? I like the fact that in this fairy tale, the Beast grows on the heroine. She has to look past her initial prejudices and try to understand the person he truly is. This is true love.

And perhaps I love this fairy tale the most because I feel like, of all the fairy tales, it is the one that could be my story. Not that my husband is an ugly beast, or ever had an unpleasant personality, but we had one of those gradual acquaintances that turned into something lasting and romantic. If anything, I feel like I have the more beastly character--I can be grouchy, temperamental and sarcastic--while my husband is long suffering, patient and kind. I feel like, if our marriage were to be a picture of Christ loving humanity, I would be the monstrosity and my husband would be the Beautiful one who came to save me, in spite of my inward ugliness.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this timeless tale. Don't forget to check out the rest of the bloggers joining in on the conclusion to this fun series.

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