Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Thought for the week:

In light of the fact tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I thought I would say a word on perspective. So often our circumstances and how we feel about them is directly related to our view of our circumstances. For instance, I have been fussing about my drafty old farmhouse lately. This week we lost power for about 24 hours. After a night with absolutely no old farmhouse and its clunky old furnace suddenly became quite appreciated.

Similarly, perspective plays a huge role in your writing. In my current project (sadly, still untitled), I had three characters I could have chosen to tell the story from. The Beast, the Girl or the Enchantress. I could not choose among them and have ended up with a really unique Norse tale told from all their perspectives. I had not realized how much story I had to tell before. The conflict between the characters is that much sharper because I am spending so much time with each of them.

Sometimes a fresh perspective is the best thing that can happen to you...even if it must come on the heels of a power outage.

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