Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Monday Musings: Wither on Pinterest

In honor of Wither being selected for the Five Enchanted Roses collection, I have added a header to my blog with a link to my Pinterest Board that helped to inspire some of the plot, characters and setting of my story. I know it is a dreadful tease, as only SOME of these pictures actually inspired my story while others merely helped put me into the right frame of mind. I do think you visual people will enjoy some of these pins. There are some gorgeous dark castles and beautiful fan arts of the Disney version of Beauty and the Beast.

Be warned, there are also some spooky pins that inspired my monsters...and some of them actually made it into the story...but I can't tell you which ones, because that would be no fun at all.

So I hope you enjoy this board as much as I have. Whenever my inspiration was flagging, I would scroll through these pins and search for something to spark my creativity again. Perhaps you shall be inspired as well!


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