Monday, May 11, 2015

Upcoming Cover Reveal

That's right, scribblers. I am finally getting ready for my first official cover reveal. I cannot wait to share the cover of After with you, nor can I wait to introduce you to my talented cover designer. As you can tell from the above photo, Tutu cannot contain his enthusiasm either. Such a loyal puss.

I am looking for anybody who might be interested in participating in After's cover reveal, scheduled for some time in June. I will get you the specifics once I receive your contact information. Anyone who is interested in joining me for this reveal, please go here to send me your contact information. I will be contacting you shortly with more details.

So excited about this summer, what with the cover reveal for After coming in June, with Five Enchanted Roses coming out in July, and with the cover reveal for When Ravens Fall coming in July, I have a busy summer ahead of me. I just sent When Ravens Fall off to one of my lovely editors tonight, so I will have edits to add to my list, as well as finalizing the second draft of After so that I can get it off to my second lovely editor later this summer. 

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