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Guest Post - Jenelle Schmidt

Today I am delighted to invite Jenelle Schmidt on over to my blog to tell us about the release of her latest book, Yorien's Hand. Jenelle is a fellow blogger and Five Enchanted Roses author. She grew up in the northern-Midwest. She now resides with her husband and their three adorable children in the wilds of Wisconsin. Jenelle fell in love with reading at a young age during family story-times when her father would read out loud to her and her siblings each night before bed. Her imagination was captured by authors such as Madeleine L’Engle, J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and Lloyd Alexander. It wasn’t long before she began making up her own stories and sharing them with her family. To this day she enjoys creating exciting adventure tales filled with poignant themes and compelling characters in the fantasy and sci-fi genres.

Yorien’s Hand blurb:

The years of Oraeyn’s short rule have been peaceful, but now ominous nightmares plague his sleep and cling to him during his waking hours. When two of his most trusted advisors disappear without a trace and not even the power of dragons can locate them, the fell promise of the king’s nightmares becomes reality.

From the furthest reaches of the world, an ancient enemy stirs. Stretching beyond his crumbling prison walls, this foe seeks to bring life to the darkest of shadows. His army marches towards Aom-igh with deadly intent, threatening all Oraeyn holds dear.

Aided by dragons, and with the warrior Brant and Princess Kamarie at his side, Oraeyn must journey into the wilds of a forgotten realm. Trusting in the wisdom and skill of the enigmatic minstrel, Kiernan Kane, the companions race against time in search of Yorien’s Hand, a relic that may hold the power to save them all.

Now let's hear from Jenelle herself!

When Characters Surprise their Authors

When Savannah graciously offered to host me for a guest post, she sent me a list of ideas on what I might talk about. Suggestions or advice for fellow Indie authors, favorite things about writing, things like that. Then I saw that she said, “Or tell us a bit about your favorite character from Yorien’s Hand, maybe?” And that got me thinking.

I’m not going to tell you about my favorite character from Yorien’s Hand, partially because I’m not entirely certain which character that would be. I love them all so dearly: Brant with his brooding mysteriousness and dark past and painful memories but courageous, heroic heart, Kiernan Kane with his whimsy and flair for the dramatic and his tendency to drive Brant mad, Oraeyn and his earnesty and courage and kindness, Kamarie and her adventurous spirit and fire that is tempered by a staunch loyalty to her friends, Yole and his surprising origins and innocence and sweetness.... I love them all so very much, and if you’ve read the first two books, you are already familiar with those characters anyway and will be happy to hear that they are the main characters of Yoriens’ Hand.

But the character I want to introduce you to today is the one who surprised me the most in this story. In the rough drafts of the story, she barely had two lines, and possessed very little personality. She was basically there to fill space and to solve a transportation problem.

However, as I began to edit the story, this character came to life in a way I did not expect at all. Let me introduce you.

Her name is Rhimmell, and she is a dragon.

She’s not a main character, she never did really emerge as more than a secondary character, but her personality was so much fun to write. She is very blunt and abrupt, saying the things that need to be said, even if it means implying that the person she is speaking to or reprimanding is an idiot. As such, Rhimmell can come across as a little sharp-tongued. She has little use for people who ignore what she believes to be the obvious, and gets exasperated easily. She has a lot of pride in who she is and her race of dragons, and there are few beings on Tellurae Aquaous that she esteems above her own race. But she really does care about others, and is not above sacrificing her pride for the good of her friends or a higher cause.

One of the first times that we meet Rhimmell is also one of my very favorite moments in the book, and so I thought I would share it with you.

Yorien’s Hand Excerpt
Chapter 11

Thorayenak and Rhimmell nodded respectfully to Brant and Oraeyn, and then both dragons bowed low before Kiernan Kane. Startled, Oraeyn shared a confused glance with Kamarie. She shrugged, but looked intrigued.

“Minstrel,” Thorayenak’s voice was low, “it is my honor.”

Kiernan’s lips were quirked upwards. “As it is my own.”

Rhimmell also inclined her head.

Oraeyn felt concerned. “We appreciate your offer, but are you both certain you are willing to endure this hazardous journey? We can go by ship if need be.”

Rhimmell gave him a scathing look. “Do not be ridiculous,” she snapped. “Young Yole was right to ask for our help, despite the indignity. Do not tarnish his request with inane suggestions. The Minstrel,” there was reverence in her tone as she indicated Kiernan, “warns of an enemy that threatens all you know, and you would refuse a generosity that may be the difference between victory or defeat?”

Oraeyn stared. He was used to speaking with various dragons, but the ones he had interacted with all maintained a dignified regality, as well as a mien of esteem towards him and the position he held as king of Aom-igh. Rhimmell’s sharp tone and sharper words took him aback.

"Forgive me,” he stammered. “I did not mean offense.”

"Then do not offend. Accept what has been offered with grace,” Rhimmell replied. “Minstrel,” there was that strange tone of admiration again, “if it please thee, I will carry thee on this quest.”

Kiernan simpered vapidly. “Of course, of course, my good scaly one.”

Oraeyn almost expected that to be the end of Kiernan Kane, but to his everlasting surprise, Rhimmell merely chuckled and lowered herself to allow the minstrel to clamber up her foreleg and settle into the spot between her shoulder blades.

“Is this all of us?” Thorayenak’s deep voice questioned.

Brant, unruffled by the presence of the dragons, but rather disconcerted by their obvious deference to Kiernan, simply nodded. “It is.”
And that's all for today! You will have to purchase a copy of Yorien's Hand to find out more. In the spirit of her book release, Jenelle is also hosting an amazing Giveaway so you will want to keep an eye on her blog for more details. This is one of the items she will be giving away. Isn't it beautiful?

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