Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Some Wedding Memories

I have been neglecting my poor little blog something awful this summer. There has been so much on my plate with remodels and rewrites and the launching of Five Enchanted Roses in July, which was AMAZING, I must say. Hard to believe how quickly time has flown by this summer. I feel like I simply can't keep up.

On the positive side, both After and When Ravens Fall have been sent out to my Beta Readers and Editors. I am already beginning to get back the responses for When Ravens Fall, and let me tell you, these ladies are amazing. Some of the insights and perspectives these girls have brought to me are astonishing. I am going to enjoy diving into their ideas and polishing up the final manuscript. If there is anybody who would like to Beta read one of these stories, let me know. I still have one or two slots available. I am specifically interested in people who have read Wither and enjoy my style of writing.

On another positive note, I am already beginning to brainstorm for my next two upcoming projects: an untitled sequel to When Ravens Fall and Book 2 in The Neverway Chronicles (which is technically Story #3, if you include Wither.) For those of you who have been wondering, this will be the story that immediately follows Wither, picking up Sookie's little "Sleeping Beauty" adventure. I should not call it a little adventure though...I fear Sookie's story is destined to become quite epic and dramatic. She is such a sweet, innocent character. I have been enjoying myself immensely as I strive to come up with an exciting but sweet story line that will do her character justice. And her Prince, oh my goodness, I mustn't say much about him yet, but he is going to be one of the most enjoyable characters I have ever written. I am dying to tell you his name, but it's simply too early for that. I haven't even finished my synopsis yet, but I can promise you this will not be the usual take on the Sleeping Beauty Legend. I was never a fan of poor Beauty being asleep for the majority of her story. Sookie will have a much larger role in breaking her own curse. That's a dreadful tease, I know, but I will begin sharing more juicy tidbits as soon as After gets through its final edits and into its launch in December.

Since I just recently celebrated my 8th Wedding Anniversary, I thought I would take a break from writerly things and share some of the amazing memories from my wedding day. My husband and I chose to have a themed wedding, and since we are both fantasy fanatics, we chose to go with a Fantasy Wedding theme. No surprise there, right? My Marmee made my wedding dress, the bridesmaid dresses, AND the men's reception costumes, which were all inspired by outfits from the Lord of the Rings movies. My dress was particularly inspired by Galadriel's costumes and Sams's reception outfit was inspired by Lord Theodin. It's hard to tell in the photos, but the men all had these amazing armbands that laced up to wear with their tunics. Mom was a genius coming up with them. Yes, there is great talent in my family, although my brother and I are the only ones who have the Writing Bug. Neither of my parents are writers, but they do enjoy reading. And before you ask, I did NOT get the sewing gene from my mother. I have done a little bit of quilting and made a few potholders, but that is about it.

My White Knight, and His Lady of Light

Our First Kiss

The Best Man with his Jester Hat

Daddy and I

Me and Marmee
My favorite Photo of all times: When my brother sang
a surprise solo for Sam.
"Till There Was You" from The Music Man
Gasp. That last photo makes me cry every time. Such a poignant moment caught so perfectly by the camera.


  1. Awww, I love your wedding pictures!!! (Of course, I am kind of a LOTR fan).

    1. Me, too...obviously. I started reading Tolkien in elementary school and was hooked from Day 1