Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Five Poisoned Apples

Very excited to share this post. Many of you remember that I had the honor of participating in the Beauty and the Beast writing contest from Rooglewood Press a couple of years ago. Five Enchanted Roses was such a joy to be a part of. I mean, wow, what an incredible experience to work with a professional editing team and seeing MY STORY in print! This year, Rooglewood Press will be holding their last fairy tale contest. (SOB) And this one is...SNOW WHITE! Yes, I know. A wonderful choice, isn't it? So if any of my writerly friends have a hankering to submit a story to a fairy tale contest, this is the year to do it! I can't recommend it enough! If any one has any questions or would like any advice about submitting a story to this year's contest...let me know! I will be happy to share any tidbits I can from my own personal experience. Happy writing everyone!

Rooglewood Press invites you to join the adventure of the Five Poisoned Apples creative writing contest! 

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