Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday Musings: Digging In

I am not going to post my usual playlist selection this week as I am buried in my rewrites. I will also, most likely, skip next week as well, although I plan to post at least a small update on my progress. It is with much nail biting I dive into my rewrites this week. The climax looms before me with all of its promise and, ahem, all of its former flaws. I hope to vanquish the flaws and polish up the promise so that I will have an enjoyable read to offer you all.

I also had a wonderful surprise today, waiting for me in the mail:

It is a beautiful little journal with the Enchanted Roses cover. Isn't it darling? A lovely gift from the staff at Rooglewood Press to encourage me along in my rewrites.

Now, I am off to battle the Underworld and save my poor floundering Wither. Pray for me, dear friends!


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    1. Thank you! I got through two chapters last night and they were rough ones. Almost there! And the word count is WAY back the other way so I will be doing a monumental amount of polishing lol ;)