Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday Musings: The Inward Climb

One of my favorite aspects of writing is getting to climb into the heads of other people. I love characters. I love reading about them. I love creating them. I love throwing them into a tangle of drama and danger and watching how they surmount the obstacles. They never cease to amaze me.

There are some characters that take root in your brain and run away with you. You never have to think twice about them. They grab you by the collar and drag you into their thoughts and desires and at the end of the book, you rather feel as if your best friend has moved away.

There are other characters, however, who are not quite so easy to write. Or read about. They are not so lovable, not so engaging, not so inspiring. My Beauty is one of those characters, as I have been reminded over and over again in the notes from my editing staff. She is a courageous character with many good qualities...but sometimes she is just downright unlikeable.

I have been laboring over her character for almost two weeks now, trying to soften the rough edges and pull out her more endearing qualities...and I must confess, I have had to dig deep. Lilybet was not one of those characters who popped up on the page and exploded to life. She is a tough nut I have had to chisel away at to get her to open up for me. Even then, she has been amazing me with her layers. Her tough, courageous exterior is only the shell of a character that has so much more to offer.

This week, I was listening to one of my CD's on the way to work, and this particular song snagged my interest, and so, yes, I have added it to my playlist. "Christ of Hope" by Michelle Tumes is a song written to loved ones when you must be apart. To me, it is a promise of the beauty in Bet's character I have just begun to uncover. It's a song that reflects her love for the family she must leave behind.

This is really a beautiful little song. I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. What a beautiful song! Thank you for sharing. It seems to me that for the Beauty character to be willing to risk all for her sister would make me, at least, really admire her. I'd imagine she'd have to be tough in order to deal with the pain of her sacrifice. Best wishes with fine-tuning the character, and I'm sure readers will love her. So excited about this story!