Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ring Around the Rose Week 3

How would you go about talking a dragon out of eating you, especially if no weapons were available?

This week's question is a terrifying one, and a very important one, too, because the world is just riddled with dangers and you never know when you're going to stumble across one. It's always good to be prepared, whether that means having a first aid kit, a nuclear bomb shelter, a Zombie Apocalypse kit, or a Dragon Survival Plan. My parents recently saw this vehicle on their travels, so apparently the zombie problem is becoming more of an issue. Something you may want to consider adding to your Disaster Preparedness Plan.

Today we are going to be focusing on dragons. Truthfully, not all dragons are a menace. I have been acquainted with many a dragon who was quite logical and pleasant to interact with. But, obviously, there are bad dragons, too, and those are the ones we need to be prepared to deal with. If you have gone to see the new Jurassic World movie (fan girl sigh) you will understand that some monsters, although deadly, can actually be handled. I'm Blue's new biggest fan. Spoilers: That scene near the end where she runs off into the park crying by herself? Sob! I wanted to kill the writers. They totally should have ended the film with Blue, maybe sitting on a nest of eggs or discovering one of the other raptors were still alive instead of ending it with Rex. Who cares about him anyway? Never thought I would become a raptor fan, but Blue was totally awesome. I would love to have a Raptor Whisperer on staff so I could invite her to come stay with me, but sadly, cost, demand and lack of space makes this a rather unrealistic venture. I simply don't have room on my property for a Raptor Paddock.

Anyway, back on point! Dragons! Although some dragons are good dragons, many of them are decidedly not. This means I ought to have a plan of my own, just in case I ever attract the wrong sort of dragon. Dragons are a tricky problem. They're quite a bit more educated than zombies and much more prevalent than dinosaurs, which means they are trickier to avoid. If you get caught by one, the only way out is to talk your way out. And, let me tell you, this is no easy feat because, as I said, dragons are smart.

I think the first thing I would do is determine what kind of dragon I am about to become lunch for, and then figure out what he wants. Some dragons are collectors, such as the gold-loving dragon Fafnir from Norse mythology. This type of dragon might be able to be swayed, so I would try to bribe my way out of it by giving him my music box or faerie collection. Worst case scenario, I would give him my antique book collection. Then, again, I might not. I'm rather attached to my books. The best example of collector dragons would be from Dragon Slippers by Jessica Day George. Awesome little book, by the way, a must read.

There are other dragons, however, who are more interested in their stomach than they are in pretty baubles. For this type of dragon, I would try to make him see why I would make a terrible snack. I'm fairly skinny, for one thing, and have knobby elbows and knees and not much fat. I'd be a pretty crunchy snack. Of course, if the dragon happens to like crunchy appetizers, then I would be up the Raptor Paddock without a Raptor Whisperer, if you catch my drift. Last resort, I would run for my life, but I sincerely doubt I will get far. My powers of persuasion far outweigh my physical prowess.

Bonus for today: Some of my favorite monster movies. Jurassic Park was the first monster movie my parents ever let me watch, and it gave me nightmares for weeks, but I watched it over and over again. Let me tell you, that was one awesome movie. The new one is probably going to become my favorite of the four films but nothing can beat the awe of the first.

Reign of Fire is an amazing dragon movie. Christian Bale, Gerard Butler, Matthew McConaughy and a world taken over by fire-breathing, ash-eating dragons. Probably the best dragon movie of all time.

Godzilla, the one with Matthew Brodderick? Hilarious film with hundreds of baby Godzillas running around. Come on. What's not to like?

Pacific Rim can technically be considered a monster movie. I really enjoy that one, too. The whole robot vs. inter-dimensional monster thing is totally my style. Fantasy meets Science Fiction in an explosion of awesomeness.

And, last but not least, The Hobbit. I think Smaug is one of the all-time best villainous dragons. He is a prime example of a collector dragon...and the hungry, fire-breathing kind, as well!

I would love to hear about your Dragon Preparedness Plan. What would YOU do? Leave me an explanation in the comments below, and tell me your favorite dragon book or monster movie. Here are the links to the some of the other bloggers participating in this exciting series. Feel free to join us at any time. Tomorrow is Jenelle's post. I cannot WAIT to hear what she has to say on the subject of DRAGONS.

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  1. I keep an onion in my pocket for such times. You can deter just about anyone and anything with the smell of onions. And if I absolutely must, rubbing some in my eyes to stimulate tears may convince the more tenderhearted dragon. You made a good point there about knowing your dragons.

  2. Oh! It is becoming clearer and clearer that we are definitely Kindred Spirits, you and I. (I skipped the spoiler for Jurassic World, because I have not yet been able to see it but I want to!! Soon!)

    But Reign of Fire? Matthew Broderick's Godzilla? I thought I was the only one who loved those movies!

  3. Oh! Jurassic World! Reign of Fire! Dragon Slippers! The Hobbit! *grins* Those are all great. And my mother has a soft spot for the old Godzilla movies, but I don't think I've ever seen the Matthew Broderick one.

    Anyway, there it is a good idea to have different methods of dealing with different types of dragons...just as there are varying methods of dealing with different types of people.... :)

    1. Can't wait to read your post on the subject!

  4. Yes, essential.... being able to immediately spot what kind of dragon you're dealing with! ;)

    Here's my link: http://ladyofanorien.blogspot.com/2015/06/ring-around-rose-week-3-dragon.html

  5. Do not forget the old wise dragon that reaches for the stars in Dragon Heart. Draco was one mighty dragon and he could be hard to outwit.