Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ring Around the Rose Week 4

Is it already Week 4 of Ring Around the Rose? Impossible! But, sadly, quite true! This week's question is a tough one, let me tell you. You can hop on over to Kaycee's blog and read her take on the question, which was brilliantly done by the way. Kaycee always makes me smile. Such a creative approach to the topic at hand, which is...

What famous author(s) do you feel your writing is most similar to, and why? AND/OR What author do you wish you wrote the most like?

The reason this question is so hard for me. 1) I don't feel as if I have a right to claim my writing is similar to any famous author because they are FAMOUS and I am just little me floundering in a big pool of Awesomeness. 2) My writing is so VARIED as to make this an impossible question to answer. I write fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, children's stories, allegories . . . I write light-hearted stories and I write dark, complex stories. I write in first person and third person, equally. I love writing from multiple view points, and yet I am most adept at getting tangled up in the head of a single character. Most authors have a chosen genre and style they like to spend the majority of their time in. I'm all over the map, although fantasy is definitely my home ground. 3) I could never choose just one author I would wish to take my example from. There are so many qualities about so many different authors that I respect, but at the same time, I do not wish to become them. I want to stay me. I want to respect their genius and not mooch of it. It's so easy to copy--but one of the most important challenges a writer will ever face is learning to be influenced by others without stealing their awesomeness.

So, that being said, I will take a swing at this topic and see where I land.

Who do I feel my writing is most similar to? To whittle it down to a few: I write a lot of fast-paced, first person narratives like Suzanne Collins. I write darker Christian fiction like Ted Dekker and Karen Hancock. I also write a great of Christian allegory, like C.S. Lewis and Anne Elisabeth Stengl, although my stories and world building are not nearly as complex. This leads me right into the second half of the question.

What author do I wish I wrote the most like? I would love to write complex plots with large casts of characters like C.S. Lewis, Anne Elisabeth Stengl and J.K. Rowling. I really love these authors and their use of their art, how they weave hundreds of characters into dozens of plots so full of surprising twists and turns. I love all of their characters, all of their adventures. I also wish I could put out the VOLUME of literature that some of these authors do. The sheer amount of words these men and women scribble onto paper is daunting and thrilling at the same time.

But, truthfully, for myself, the thing I wish to attain most with my writing is honesty. All of my stories are a bit of myself spilling out, mixing with ink and paper and becoming a finger print of my own soul. I doubt my name will ever be famous, but for the few hearts I do touch, I want you to remember that I wrote something real. Something that mattered to me. Something that might matter to you. Even if it only lasts for a few minutes or hours or weeks. I want those precious moments we share together in my little imaginary world to count for something. I am a terrible Introvert. I would rather spend the weekend alone with my husband and a book than go to a party, even with my closest friends and family. In a crowd of people I feel claustrophobic, but in my cluttered, crowded home I feel as if I were strolling through the clouds. There are things I think and feel that I will never say to your face. But, for some bizarre reason, I can often find the courage to say it on paper. I hope to inspire others to have the courage to face the things that haunt them the most, to tackle the difficult issues and face those troublesome dragons.

Blogging has become an engaging and challenging adventure for me. It has forced me to put myself out there and to start communicating with others like myself who have so many things to teach me. I am so grateful for all the new friends I am making--some of them on the other side of the world. When I was a kid, I used to love being a Pen Pal, but I grew out of that and became one of the worst long distance friends anybody ever had. Which is hilarious, since my husband and I have had a long distance relationship since we were in junior high. Remind me to tell you that story sometime. It's quite the romantic fairy tale romp. We had such a fun fantasy wedding. My husband made such a handsome White Knight, in his fantasy garb which my Marmie cleverly designed and made all by her onesie. She made my wedding dress, too. Maybe for my anniversary this year I will do a Wedding Post and pull out the photo album. Thanks for suggesting it, dearies. You're all so clever!

Anyway, way off topic. Tomorrow, Jenelle will be sharing her response to this thought-provoking topic (the writing stuff not the romantic musings) on her blog. You won't want to miss it. And don't forget the other bloggers joining us in this fun event, either. Feel free to join us at any time, leaving your comments below or including a link to your own blog.

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  1. I really enjoyed your post, Savannah!

    And here's my link: http://ladyofanorien.blogspot.com/2015/06/ring-around-rose-week-4-style-mentors.html

  2. Wow. "But, truthfully, for myself, the thing I wish to attain most with my writing is honesty. All of my stories are a bit of myself spilling out, mixing with ink and paper and becoming a finger print of my own soul. I doubt my name will ever be famous, but for the few hearts I do touch, I want you to remember that I wrote something real."

    This... wow. All I can say is, if you do continue to write honestly and you continue to write with that level of prosaic power, I think there will be far more than "a few" hearts that will be touched by you.

    Thank you so much for sharing. I'm so glad to have been able to meet you and I can NOT wait to read 'Wither'! :)

    1. You just made my day. I have really, really enjoyed getting to know the author Roses authors. It is so fun to work on a group project like this. I've learned so much. I will admit...I read your story! I needed a break and thought I would take a peek...and couldn't put it down. Absolutely loved it. Can't wait to read the other ones.